Mittelstandsberatung Heinen GmbH

The future belongs to those who change it


The challenge

Surely even in your house classic ERP and MRP systems are in use. In many cases, these a lot of standard functions, which you hinder more than support in daily operations; However, crucial data or evaluations according to your wishes are never available. Individual lists and measurements can be - if at all - only be realized with considerable cost and effort.

The solution

We develop on top a taylor made solution for you: On several occasions, the mib Heinen Business-cockpit is proven to support and increase in performance of administrative processes. Depending on the challenge, inventory control, order processing and delivery performance will be made visible and measurable. In the previous application areas all targets set by the cockpit were achieved quickly and sustainably stabilized. The complete implementation is handled by mib Heinen. We developed over years a practicable based methodology for effective and efficient process management which creates transparency in your company.

The method

It needs only a few days:

Requirement Analysis and 
KPI definition

mib / Your Management


mib ( 1 day/process )

Interface Analysis


Interface Programming


Programming work flow


Commission of pilot application



mib / your employees



Your benefit

Combined with your experience and knowledge, we implement an individual management information system on your process request. You get a system cockpit, which is clear and transparent, and can be further developed by you. Your recent systems remain untouched.

Take action now

The sooner you have the following options available, the sooner you can make the right decisions - decisions on a stable basis to implement. In all previous installations of the cockpit a simultaneous optimization of business processes was necessary. Another advantage arises from the fact, that expenditure on the purchase on behalf of software development can be depreciated in the books over its useful life. Get now the triple advantage.

Our expertise

mib Heinen is specialized in the optimization of "business processes" "production", "logistics" and  "Sales Order Processing" . For several years, we could help companies in the industry to new or additional success.